I know I signed up for email information and invitations, but I’m not receiving them. Have I fallen off the mailing list?

Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and now Google, are bad about zapping my messages as undesirable porn spam. Regardless your provider, be sure FuckFest@SeattleHorse.com and fckfst@gmail.com are in your email address book so you’ll get the monthly invitations.

Also, bookmark SeattleHorse.com and check back often so you don’t miss an event.

What is FuckFest?

FuckFest is Seattle’s longest running and hottest gay men’s sex party. I’ve been hosting now for well over 15 years and pride myself in providing a safe, sane, comfortable space for male sexual expression.

How many men attend and how do you decide who gets invited?

There are usually 35-40 guys at any one time, though a couple of recent parties have seen over 60 hot men here – all screened to be hot, fit and sexy!

As a member of several on-line cruising web sites, I get an extraordinary amount of mail from hot guys all over the world and I’m able to pick the hottest to invite to the parties. I try to have something for everyone, so there are muscle jocks, slim dudes, hairy daddies, leather men, boys-next-door. All races, ages, types and positions are invited. Vanilla dudes come and play as do kinky pigs – common denominator is a craving for as much good, fun, hot, sweaty man sex as possible in a night!

Is FuckFest the same day and time each month?

The party date is predicated on the lunar calendar, and is usually the Saturday night closest to the full moon. The door opens promptly at 10:30pm and the fun starts right away. Parties have been breaking up earlier than in the past, so be prompt, or bring a group, you arrive late. If you arrive later than 1:30 am, or so, be prepared to let yourself in and make yourself at home – I stop serving as host, so the host can be served!

Are there house rules?

Thanks for asking! House rules are few and simple:

1.   Assume safe sex – meaning, unless there’s dialog, wrap it; the advent of PrEP makes this conversation is even more important.
2.   PNP if you must, discretely and in moderation; FuckFest is about sex, not drugs.
3.   Clothes off as soon as you’re in the door. Jocks, socks, boots, harnesses and other gear are okay, and shy guys can keep their underwear on in the living room until they’re warmed up, but it’s all or nothing in the other play spaces.
4.   No silicon lube, please.
5.   Chewing gum is strictly prohibited.

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