FuckFestCXCVI:Going Bananas

UPDATE: July 31, 2020: With COVID cases still high, it looks like August 1 is out of the picture, too. I just got the word from my boss that we’ll be working from home ‘at least’ until the end of the year, and I can’t see hosting much before we’re all allowed back into offices. It may be that the pandemic has sounded the death knell of FuckFest, guys. 🙁

UPDATE: June 30, 2020: With COVID cases on the rise, I can’t, in good conscience, host or ask you guys to host even small groups this weekend. Check back for further updates – we’ll keep our fingers crossed for August 1st!

FuckFestCXCVI was supposed to be virtual, June 6, but will not be held, due to lack of interest – mostly mine! Talk about bananas! I’m majorly sick of Zoom work meetings and happy hours and family dinners and birthday parties. I can’t face another Zoom sex party this week. Sorry.

I’m hoping that we may get to gather in small groups in July, in which case, I’d like volunteers to host 4 – 5 men in their homes and we’ll try to connect all the parties via Zoom. At least that’ll be some skin on skin!