FuckFestCXCIII: March Winds Blow

The wind beneath his sheets

MARCH 7, 2020

Come to FuckFestCXCIII and blow!


Door opens at 10:30 pm and parties have been ending earlier, lately, so arrive as early as you can!


17612 Ashworth Ave N
Shoreline, WA 98133
Click here for a map.

There is a $25 cover charge for entrance to FuckFest to help defray my costs. I provide condoms, lube, some poppers, beer, water, Gatorade and clothes check – a fancy term for paper grocery sacks in which to put your duds, in my dining room; it is not secure and so it is best not to bring in valuables. Lock your watches, wallets, or iPhones in your trunk or leave them at home.

Need a lift? Got an extra seat in your car, Uber or cab? Leave a comment below to hook up with a ride. And don’t forget you’re always welcome to invite a hottie of your acquaintance with wheels to bring you along! Street parking where you can find it; don’t be shy about taking the neighbors’ parking strips – it’s city right-of-way and they’re all in bed.

Speaking of neighbors, be sure you’re at the beige house with black trim, a red door, and 17612 on the wall under the porch light and please be considerate and conscious of the volume of your voices and radios as you’re coming and going. You needn’t bother to ring the door bell, unless you’re a newbie who wants instructions from the host.

The renovation is finished and the guest shower is functional! I’m soliciting suggestions on shower douche nozzle kits for the hand-held shower attachment. . . bottoms, leave a comment below with your advice!

Your host:

Flip, 206-300-0474
aka SeattleHorse

House Rules:

  1. Assume safe sex – meaning, unless there’s dialog, wrap it. The advent of PrEP makes this conversation even more important;
  2. PNP, if you must, discretely and in moderation; Clothes off as soon as you’re in the door. Shy guys can keep their underwear on in the living room until they’re warmed up, but it’s all or nothing in the other play spaces
  3. No silicon-based lube, please.
  4. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited.
Please share this invitation judiciously.
FuckFestCXCIII is March 7
FuckFestCXCIV will be April 4


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